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"This race has a future," prophesied the father. And with a little pat on the hip of each cow, he justified the prophecy, "The gir cattle are like the moire of a tree: strong, resistant and unbreakable." The boy listened to his father as he named the oxen and cows, made with green mangoes and orange thorns.

His father, Mr. Tonico, was a small farmer and he was proud of his new acquisition: twenty dairy cows from the gir breed and a breeder, Rock, a name probably inspired by the breed's resistance. His dream was to improve the quality of livestock and to increase milk production, which he sold door to door in the small town of Anhanguera, in the countryside of Goiás. Meanwhile, the boy took care of the details, perfecting his "herd" and  taking care of the "premises". In the enthusiasm of the visionary father and the creativity of the curious boy, the two ends of a story that would be taken back in the future, almost five decades later: the story of Agrogir.

2012. José Alves Neto, the son, was walking on his farm in the municipality of Orizona. The memories he had of his father, who had just passed away, were very much alive in his memory: Anhanguera, the corral, the moire of peppertree, the noise of milk falling in the bucket, the toy animals and the father's voice: "This race has a future ".It was then that the future of the farm began to be drawn on the son's head.

As the old facilities fell to the ground, a new destiny was beginning to be built on the centennial Cuiabanos Farm. And as time also has its plays, Agrogir began its activities in 2014, year in which the father, example of resistance and longevity, would have completed a hundred years of age. Pay a visit to our headquarters!


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